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Violin Shop - Welcome to European violins

Violin shop for old violins, violas, cellos & French bows.
Discover our selection of fine stringed instruments and bows, offered at the best prices.
Our Violin Shop offers a fine functionality, all instruments and bows are illustrated with professional images and accurate descriptions.
Our selection of old violins, cellos and French bows is in continuous expansion, so, please visit our shop regularly, to take advantage of the best deals !
We offer free international shipping, professional advice & personalized customer service.
Music is our passion - pls let us know how we can assist you !

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The violin shop

Old violins :

Old master violins 

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French violin bows
Violin and cello bows

French bows

We offer a large collections of
fine French violin bows.

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Buyer protection

Online violin shop

Our violin shop offers buyers protection,
and personalized customer service.

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Our collection of old cello's

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