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A beautiful French violin bow by François Peccatte atelier, certified by J.F. Raffin in Paris.

François Peccatte born in Mirecourt in 1850. was brother of Dominique Peccatte and he is known as an excellent bow maker

This French master bow is made in a very beautifull example of the makers work. (made ca.1850).

The stick is made from very beautiful wood and is round shaped; it has a very elegant executed head.

Beautiful original button , and a well shaped elegant ebony frog.(open frog moedel)

A beautiful crafted stick, , a bow with great balance and a good feel in the right hand.
The total length of the stick is around 72.6 cm (4/4 size), and the weight of the bow is around 60 gr. (perfect!)
The bow is straight and has a good curve. No cacks or repairs , minor surface wear you may expext from an old bow.
The bow is ready to play, with new Mongolian horse hair and winding.

A real collectors and players bow !



François Peccatte (born Mirecourt, 10 March 1821; died Paris, 30 October 1855) was a very talented archetier.
He is said to have been destined for greatness, but died at the age of 34 before reaching the height of his craft.
He was the brother of Dominique Peccatte and father to Charles Peccatte. Peccatte went to Paris for a short period early in his working life, then returned to Mirecourt and opened a shop in 1842, employing several workers to assist in his commercial production. François had some association with his brother Dominique, presumably during his stay in Paris and again when Dominique returned to Mirecourt.[1] "Indeed, much of François’ best work shows the strong influence of Dominique".[2] "François Peccatte, was also a fine bow maker who worked in Mirecourt. He returned to Paris not long before his premature death."[3]
from : wikipedia

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François Peccatte violin bow

Product code: b012
François Peccatte violin bow atelier - open frog model
Additional Information
Makers name Francois Peccatte atelier
bow lenght 72,6 cm
bow weight 60
Date 1850
Color reddish/brown
Country of Manufacture Frankrijk
Accessories Supplied No
Length of back n/a