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A beautiful French Master violin bow by Joseph Gaudé , certified by J.F. Raffin in Paris. Joseph Gaudé was a great bow maker who worked with E. Pajeot. He worked for the great master bow maker Etienne Pajeot around 1835, and his style is influenced by this maker. J. Gaudé bows are extremely rare and they are real collectors items among bow collectors and musicians. This bow is original in all parts and is in a good condition (professionaly revised and restaured by Raffin himself). His style is one of a beautiful elegance and workmanship. (look at that head and curve ! ). The stick is round shaped. The ebony frog ring is decorated with pearl eyes and has a fine three part screw.(all original) This is a strong stick, with a great balance and a good feel in the right hand. The total length of the stick is around 73,4 cm and the weight of the bow is around 61 gr. The bow is straight and has a beautiful curve. The bow is ready to play, with new quality Mongolian horse hair, it produces a big loud sound. Fine new winding and new lizard leather grip.

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Joseph GAUDE violin bow

Product code: b009

Joseph GAUDE violin bow

Additional Information
Makers name Joseph GAUDE
bow lenght 73,4
bow weight 61
Date 1840
Color reddish/brown
Country of Manufacture Frankrijk
Accessories Supplied No
Length of back na