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Old Cello Bows - French cello bows

fine old cello bows, cello bow web shop European Violins offers a fine collection of fine French cello bows.

For many cellists, French cello bows are still considered as the best bows in the world.

We have several fine French cello bows in our cello bow web shop.

Every cello bow is carefully examined and selected according to our strict criteria.

For our French cello bows, we provide a certificate of authenticity;

issued by one of the internationally recognized bow experts in Paris.

For old French bows we offer the best prices on the internet.

Our cello bows come with new hair, winding and leather grip.

Our selection of French cello bows is in continuous expansion, so please visit us regularly to take advantage of the best deals !

We also offer a safe shipping-and-return trial period so that you can buy your cello bow with confidence.

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