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Report a stolen violin

This page is designed to help musicians.whose violin, cello or bow has been stolen or lost.
Messages will be displayed after approval, send us a message.


Recently we have received several messages from people whose violin or bow was stolen and put up for sale on Facebook groups.


Stolen René Morizot violin - with Rampal certificate from 13 december 2012.

EBAY SCAM - violin has been stolen in jan. 2013 by Ebay member ldggro11 - Dereck Gross from Canada.
Derck Gross sold the Morizot violin to Ben tsang, Chikamatsu C from Japan who tried to sell the violin again on Ebay.

The stolen René Morizot is now in possession of Ben tsang, Chikamatsu C from Japan, or has been sold by him.

Pls send us a message if you have news about this stolen violin.

Images René Morizot  - 1950 violin - accompanied by a J. Rampal certificate made on 13 december 2012 :

stolen René Morizot violin stolen René Morizot violin  stolen René Morizot violin 













 stolen René Morizot violin