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Shipping and Returns

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 A good service is inportant !

Trial & return - just take your time  & relax ...

We offer a 14 day trial period for violins, and 7 days for bows, so you can play/test & evaluate your instrument or bow.
We never charge you a restocking fee !
If you feel that you are not satisfied with your instrument or bow, a return & refund or exchange is possible.
Because chosing a bow or violin is a very personal matter, sometimes an exchange for another bow or violin can be a good solution - pls contact us to see what we can do for you.

A complete refund of the purchase price will be made after reception & inspection of the returned instrument or bow.
pls return in the same condition as when we sold it.
Damaged or lost items are subject to rejection or restock fee. Items must be in same condition as sold; you will understand that we must be able to resell as new or in same used condition. 

In those rare cases when a returned instrument or bow is not to be in its original condition and  any damage has not be reported by you prior to returning it, we will have to assess the damage and cost of repairs before determining the amount of the refund.
Pls note that If an instrument or bow is returned from a country outside the European Union, customs clearance delays & costs can occur due to return customs procedures.

For cellos, we recommend personal collection of these bulky and vulnerable instruments, please.

Instructions on returning an instrument to us :

When returning an instrument or bow, please pack it very carefully, just as we sent it to you, and pls send it from the same name and address that we originally shipped the order to our address with a copy of the original invoice via your carrier of choice.
Pls contact us to receive return shipping instructions & options !

Requirements :
Returned Items must be in same condition as when we sold it to you.
Returns will not be possible if you or any other third party luthier will have made any changes to the instrument , like the bridge,
soundpost or other work on the instrument or bow during the return period.
In such cases we will have to charge the involved costs .

The deadline is determined based on two weeks from the date of shipment.

In case of late returns – outside the agreed trial period we reserve the right to charge $25.00 per business day
until you contact us with your intent to purchase or return the trial item(s).

PLs contact us first, in case you wish to have any kind of work done on the instrument or bow.

Extra insurance :

An extra shipping insurance is possible, pls contact us for more information, there are many options possible.

Most of the instruments we sell are in good and original condition and somethimes can need further personal setup (like the brand of strings, bridge hight, etc.,...) 

PLs note that we are not responsible for any lost, damaged or wrongly delivered packages outside the EU, by the carriers as we only function as an intermediary between our customers and the carrier.
We provide many different shipping services. 

The standard economic shipping mostly does not include full insurance, so please select your carrier carefully and contact us first.

If you need more information concerning your shipping & insurance, pls contact us !

We have sold many instruments and fine bows direct to violin dealers, shops and musicians.

All buyers are welcome !

Email : info@europeanviolins.eu

European Violins
  Sales team

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